Easily manage your galleries

Publish on a desired date or delete galleries with one-click.
Our user interface / user experience has been applied on this screen to let you publish galleries without the hard work!

  • Click on publish buttom
  • Select date
  • Select site

It's done.

Add a brand new gallery

The process is simple.
Upload your photos or video to a folder on the server.
Go to Add Gallery, enter the details of the gallery and select the uploaded folder. And hit submit!

Edit old galleries

Need to change some typpo in the gallery? No Problem.
You can edit the gallery anytime, not only the text but all the other info inserted before!

View releases on a calendar

See all releases on all websites in a calendar view, and with one-click edit it.

Manage translations, and see their %s

Add a new language to your CMS. Add a new language to a website independently.

Manage categories and tags

Tags and categories have never been so easy!
Included is a buttom that translate the english version to other languages!

List all galleries of a website

With this list you can checkout all the galleries of a website.
You can see the Release date, the status, the number of websites the gallery is on.
It's also very easy to delete each gallery from the website.

Edit a gallery

Regardless the options created for a gallery, you can make changes on that gallery in one specific website, keeping the others with the default options.
Some of the editable options are the MAIN PIC and the FHG'S

Manage photos, main photos and fhg photos

Manage photos from a gallery with a click!
Set as main picture, as FHG picture or delete it from the website.
Flag for main picture
Star for FHG!

Easily manage news of a website

Create, Edit and remove the news of your websites, in all the languages you have active.

Send emails to your affiliates individualy

Import your affiliates from CCBill
This affiliates' emails will be used to send an email when you define/create a FHG of a gallery.
Forget the old copy&past!
With your defined email design!

Email your affiliates

Mass email or send individually an email? We got it covered.
With your defined email design!

Edit email template and FHG release email notification

When you set up a FHG CMS will notify your affiliates of it.
We have a bunch of defined variables that will allow you to have a dinamic newsletter.
With your defined email design!

Easily manage pictures dimentions and watermarks on each website

Define widths and heights of each type of image for diferent areas of your website - members, fhg, screencaps, thumbnails on members, fhg's thumbnails, screencaps thumbnails.
Watermarks on member's content, fhg content and videos are easy to define.
Upload the picture, define the location and thats it.

Contact us!

To be sure that what you need is supplied by our CMS we want to talk with you about the CMS itself.


You can contact us by email stagcms@gmail.com, mrgusmuller@gmail.com .

What's included?

All packages of StagCMS includes installation, full working CMS, free working theme - see the demo -.

Contract? Change plans anytime?

There's no long term contract.
You can upgrade or downgrade your license at anytime.

Payments methods?

We use PayPal for the payments.
This means that you can pay with Paypal or any supported credit card by Paypal.

PayPal Acceptance Mark