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Feature ElevatedX (PRO CMS System) aWIZLite AdultCMS StagCMS
User friendly CMS
iPad ready CMS
Free instalation
Free theme
Smarty compatible
Scheduling releases
Multi-site support
One gallery - multi-sites
Multi-language support
Categories & Tags
Gallery comments
Gallery ratings
RSS feed
Models details
Models ratings
Main gallery photo
Photo thumbnail
Photo watermark
Photos zip archive
FHG generator
iPhone, iPad, Android Videos ready
Video encoding
Video watermark
Video screencaps
Video screencaps thumbs
Video screencaps zip archive
Video screencaps FHG
Video scroll previews
HTML5 videos
Affiliate manager
Email affiliate on release
Email affiliate template
Social Network Feed (Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram)
Mobile upload
JSON files
Lifetime license
Price (monthly) Starting at 150USD
Full +449USD(1)
Starting at 29USD 79 USD 89 USD
(1) ElevatedX Full priced a 449USD its the Pro CMS plus the following add-ons
  • Video Transcoder [$50/month]
  • Mobile Pay Site Setup [$50/month]
  • Affiliate Gallery (FHG) Builder [$100/month]
  • Mega-Pass Network Setup [$100/month]
Icons legend
Extra package
Not available
Under development / Scheduled feature

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What's included?

All packages of StagCMS includes installation, full working CMS, free working theme - see the demo -.

Contract? Change plans anytime?

There's no long term contract.
You can upgrade or downgrade your license at anytime.

Payments methods?

We use PayPal for the payments.
This means that you can pay with Paypal or any supported credit card by Paypal.

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